It was Thanksgiving weekend. It's not anymore. I'm back!... and just found this:

"Hey Bret, at work i never do work, instead i just wander the internet. i have specific pages i frequent, lordsofpain, gamespot, facebook... recently, i have found myself checking your blog just as often as i check the wrestling gossip pages, and that's often, i'm talking multiple times a day. In conclusion, update your blog every hour or so instead of every couple of days, i can only read the same blog entrie so many time."

Not a bad idea! Another good idea, though, would be finding me with facebook's scrabulous (get it... fabulous scrabble... get it?). Seth and Erica are also hooked, and I think we'd all be open to any and all challengers to help pass the day. I am currently owning Patrick from Colour Revolt (I KNOW YOU GOOGLE YOUR BAND'S NAME, I KNOW YOU SEE THIS - I AM OWNING YOU) and - this just doesn't seem right - am ahead of the lady friend 130-13. After two turns.

Consider yourself warned, anonymous future scrabble friends.

But now - a post. I want to compile a You-Me-Go Christmas list from last post's comment section for our electronic chimney... if anyone wants to add, I think I'm giving it another day or two. Some very good ideas, though.

My cousin had advice... but it was video game advice. I loved it but you may not.

Feel free to skip the next two videos!

(or to love them... it's okay if you love them with me)

Mass Effect

You talk with aliens as if you were in a movie... and then it seems like you get to shoot some of them. I was very excited about the talking part. He thought it was strange that I wanted to know if "foreign diplomacy" was crucial to the gameplay. I think it kind of is, though. Maybe.

That would be SWEET.

Assassin's Creed
(a video set to Wolf Parade's "Dinner Bells")

(for real)

Obviously, you are an assassin. I am guessing there is more killing involved (crusaders, as opposed to aliens). However! You are, perhaps, a more realistic assassin who gets rewarded for walking slowly, not drawing attention to yourself, eavesdropping on conversations, and engaging in small talk with the locals.

Me: "So you have to walk everywhere? You can't run??"
Cousin: "No, the guards will get you."
Me: "They don't notice the big sword on your back?"
Cousin: "Not if you walk."
Me: "Oh."
Cousin: "You might have to hang out in the village for hours to figure out what you're supposed to do next."

If I had an X-Box, Santa could fill his sleigh right now.

I forgot about the time change, though, and my previously mentioned friend might have split from work already. I will hit post, though, and hope for the best!

------mixing should finish this week, mastering is still set for December 6th
------my parents liked the record!
------hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving


Kristin Brownsword said...

I found myself wishing I were 16 again this weekend... it reminded me of when I used to be able to live somewhere and not have to pay rent for it. I got pretty nostalgic.

Adam said...

i have both of those games...they are equally rediculously awesome. they're worth getting the xbox. Also the Radiohead "In Rainbows" box set would be a pretty legit christmas gift.

BW said...

kb - yes... RENT. I think I might be asking for rent under the tree, actually. :-)

adam - but on the other hand, who really needs an apartment?... it's good to hear that the games are as good (or BETTER?) than how they look. amazing.

Leanne said...

I am so glad you mentioned Scrabulous. I am actually playing WHILE reading your blog so now I am going to hunt you all down and play against you :)

I'm better in real-life than I am online for some reason. When John Vanderslice comes to Phoenix he has a dance party afterward at Modified... when you all come to Phoenix again we can have Scrabble tournaments after the show.

Heather said...

Chalk me up as another scrabulous addict... I sent you friend request on facebook so we can play! :P

Assassin's Creed is on my Santa Claus list. :D


Micah said...

Hey Bret, I also have both of those games. Both awesome. If you come back to Mt. Pleasant over Christmas and also come to my house, you could play either one.