I am not getting ahead of myself and skipping Thanksgiving. But look!

Friends, show this to your fathers. Sign them up for credit cards. Bring joy to your neighborhood!

And why I show this to you now (and not, let's say, after you've eaten your turkey) is because of a family tradition... in three days, we will have had our Thanksgiving fill, watched the Lions heroically battle Brett Favre to a crucical and hard-fought NFC North victory, and then sit back and exchange Christmas lists.

The problem? I have no idea what to ask for. Here is my list so far:

1. Extra wii controller.
2. Wii controller battery recharger (if there is such a thing).
3. ????
4. ????
5. ????
6. ????
7. ????
8. ????
9. ????
10. ????

(not saying Santa is bringing me ten gifts... it's just a nice round number)

Any ideas? Do you know what you're asking for? Feel like typing in the comments section?

I could be convinced to ask for a robosapien.

Just saying.


Kristin Brownsword said...

and for the full story, go to: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_christmas_lights.htm

you should ask for a trip to Germany. hey, it's on MY wish list! :)

Rob said...

i heard robosapien is only worth it if you get robopet so you can go for robowalks down robolane

Joe Bliffen said...

roboraptor looks much cooler. just saying..

like.a.cannon said...

1) one of those bikes with the enormously big front wheel.
2) a 25+ key glockenspiel
3) An abandoned building
4) Arrested Development boxed set.
5) An Appalachian Dulcimer

Ambitious? Yes. Possible? In some cultures. Likely? only in dreams.

julia gulia said...

hahaha.... did you know i work for a toy company now?

i am surrounded by toys. but not like mr. magorium toys. just normal ones.

but yeah we've been promoting robosapien media.

i personally want Rock Band. or a PSP.

...its not you, its your narrative said...

after thinking about it... this has come to mind:

1) a ski ticket to whistler
2) 'Planet Earth' boxset
3) used sewing machine
4) used typewriter
5) garlic press
6) 8 weeks of bluegrass finger picking lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music

Hannah said...

I just came up with my list today too... I know I'll be harassed about it at Thanksgiving.
Here's what I've got:
*2008 Gustav Klimt calendar http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Gustav-Klimt-Posters_i2105964_.htm
*Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert
*Area rug for bedroom (not too busy) 70" x 47"
*Nice long sleeve shirt (maybe turtleneck) with thumb holes
*Listening Is An Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the Storycorps Project edited by Dave Isay
*Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
*Candles from Our Own Candle Company (I like Pumpkin Spice and Hot Apple Pie a lot)
*Schick quattro for women razor refills

Nothing too exciting I guess.

Hannah said...
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...its not you, its your narrative said...

woah... hannah! the list look amazing. The storycorps project is so sweet. Hilary, a woman from the church that some of us go to, is facilitating the recordings in the southwest (New Mexico) right now...

timbre said...

I say, ask for a new harp. you could always use another one.
and send it to me
and maybe a unicorn. santa has the power to summon them, I hear.

Shannon said...

1. world of warcraft battlechest (i currently share an account with an exboyfriend... it isn't always fun)
2. sweaters of all colors
3. 2g plugs for my ears (its tough work but looks sweet)
4. scrapbook supplies (its my drug.)
5. urban tails 2008 calendar (http://alleycatphotos.com/book.htm)

and 6. (only if it is the only thing i get) nikon d40.

belly dancing classes would also be awesome, and yoga tapes. my mother does yoga and i'm jealous

Jon said...

Get the Wii Zapper, because it comes with Link's Crossbow Training, which I hear is really cool.

miss m said...

The practical things I want:
*home depot gift card
*photo paper

Fun stuff:
*the two Michael Chabon books that came out this year
*knitting supplies
*board games! (parcheesi in particular)
*a new coat

I kind of just like being home for x-mas, the presents are just an added bonus.

sarah(so awesome) said...


if you send me your addy, i will send you eat. pray. love. i finished it not too long ago, and it thought it was wonderful :)

if you dont want to post your adress for all of the world, you can send it to me here imsars@gmail.com.

merry early christmas :)