Exciting cities like _____ and _____ and _____!

We even get to tour with _______! Doesn't that sound fun?

(yes, I'm blogging from my phone again)

(no, I haven't figured out pictures yet)

(or embedded videos)

(so I'm left with half-delivered rumor)

(how fun for you!)

Blanks to be filled in soon. Probably even a post or two written with an actual keyboard.

---Hey, what's going on in the world? Right now I am real strong on primaries, professional basketball found in Detroit, defending my online Madden ranking, ultra portable mac laptop rumors, Cloverfield trailers, Atlanta roadways, phone blogging (redundant) and last year's Modest Mouse record. That is an eclectic collection (weird), for sure, but there has to be more going on. Anyone care to fill me in?


Kristin B said...

Kenya's been on the brink of war since last month's elections... and Australia's flooding. In other news, you're missing a 61 degree January night in Chicago

Itsa me said...
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Itsa me said...

I am hoping and wishing on stars and exactly at 11:11 everyday. I'm also crossing my fingers and doing all those other superstitous rituals in hopes that one of those cities will be Orlando. :-D
EDIT: my spelling was horrible.. I had to fix it.

sean o'kane said...

there's a ninja burglar wreaking havoc on the richest parts of Staten Island.

personally i would call someone who dresses in all black when breaking into homes at night "smart" and start from there before jumping to "ninja," but to each his own.

Vandermolen said...

Yeah, tonight is the return of wrestling roulette on Monday Night Raw. Last night i beat Guitar Hero 3 on Hard (See: my blog), and a new alternate reality game started to hype the new season of "LOST". (www.find815.com)

Call this number, 888 548-0034

This is all the important news your missing.

From work,

Anonymous said...

I know what the blanks are! Excited!!!

timmer k. said...

Hooray for last year's Modest Mouse record! That was my favorite of the year.

Looking forward to Anathallo's 2008 release!

Daniel said...

2007...the first year since 2001 with no Anathallo release. boo.

Friends need to talk.

I'm calling you.

julia gulia said...

we made dinner in honor of the Batali vs Oliver battle.

i have no real news. colorado isn't cool enough to have a ninja.

justinberrier said...

julia, don't feel bad. NC isn't that cool either.

i want to know what the blanks are. make haste the arrival of the blank filling!

Nerf said...

____: NO IDEA! (Madrid, please! haha)

____: Manchester Orchestra?

Source: http://www.lastfm.es/music/Anathallo/+events

It's right?

nachobel said...

I've been fiending for some mac laptop ultra portable/whatever news for a while now. Shouldn't be too much longer that we have to wait, with macworld right around the corner.

I forgot you all were mac-heads. Good times, good times.

p.s. come to baltimore again.

History Prof. said...

This is the most delightful Twenty-first century blog I've seen yet. Most people are still just learning how to express the perfect feeling and emotion of humanity, but you have captured its essence. People will learn from you. Be proud of your legacy.
By the way, even though it is no longer safe to be a part of a "community" or "friends" site. Your myspace music was fantastic. I only wish your taste in music had a bigger impact on the people of today.