February 9 --- Dublin, IRE
February 10 --- Glasgow, UK
February 11 --- Leeds, UK
February 12 --- Birmingham, UK
February 13 --- London, UK
February 15 --- Manchester, UK
February 16 --- Bristol, UK
February 17 --- Nottingham, UK
February 18 --- Brighton, UK

February 19 --- London, UK

a real post tomorrow?! I promise!


The Victorio said...

Just because their name is Manchester Orchestra doesn't mean they always have to play there. I mean, it's good for you guys, but when do we get to see them? And both of you together?? Those dang Europeans always get the best shows.

(Just kidding. I hope you guys have the most fun ever! What's next, Asia?)

dan said...

Congratulations on the shows. Maybe I can talk somebody into giving me a trip to the UK for my birthday present.

leah robinson said...

hey bret..."yeah leah" you know what would be sweet? "nope" Uh...me bringing me and my edinburgh friends to your show in Glasgow..since its 45 minutes away from where i live now. "awesome" agreed.