More mobile blogging from yours truly:

Happy Super Tuesday! The above picture is a touch screen, my friends,
and I'm happy to report that I voted in style. Right now Matt and
Jamie are reading magazines, Danny and Seth are discussing dinner
options, and I'm typing this out as we all wait at the airport for our
flight to Dublin.

"Our flight to Dublin." Such a nice sentence.

I hope you've all been well! A confession: I'm still frightened by
phone posting. I like having the whole post in front of me. I like
going through google image searches and youtube threads. This... is
different. My proofreading is shakier, the content a little loose.


But but but. I haven't been at a computer in over a week and - I'm
guessing - any post is better than no post... even if the days of drum
playing gorilla embedded videos have been temporarily suspended.
Please forgive! And thanks for reading.

The anticlimatic news.. if you've been to our myspace (also woefully

We're going on tour with Aloha! One of our favorite bands
(honestly)... and maybe the first instance of our touring with a band
that we LOVE that we really don't have a relationship with. Think of
one of your favorite bands - maybe you've seen them once - but you
really have no connection to them except for hitting play on your
iPod. Now imagine touring with that band for a few weeks this spring.
Not a bad daydream, right?

(imagine that I just posted a video of their live show)


(I will get over this! I promise! I just need to get into the habit)

So yes, an Aloha/Anathallo tour after SXSW. Excellent.

And good news! The cd will be out ______! And we're naming it ______!

I'm sorry - I wish I had the answers... hopefully soon! We just got an
e-mail from _______ and that would be exciting if they wanted to put
out the record in the states. And Big Scary Monsters will be releasing
the Hana 4/Entropy vinyl any day now overseas. We're ecstatic to be
part of their family and can't wait to meet everyone.

Sad news that I hate to break so casually: it sounds like The Format
broke up today. It's over on their myspace - hopefully if you're a fan
of theirs you had already heard and I'm not the bearer of bad news.

Old tourmates June broke up over the weekend, too. So strange.

A bit of great news for me and good news for you:


I'm excited for you all to hear it... but, to be honest, I'm probably
more excited that it keeps me company on train rides now.


Sorry to my scrabulous friends, I haven't been able to play a move all
week (and for the next two). Patience?Please?

I think that's it. Wolf Blitzer keeps showing up on the airport
television but I know he won't have the primary results until after
we're already in the air. C'mon Wolf... I KNOW you have those exit

He's taunting me.

I should go.


P.S. Blarney Stone here we come!


jay glevin? said...

guess what else you need to have?

the new CAVES album, "MTYRMKR".

let me know where to send it and ill get you a copy.

dereK said...

Wow, that was quite the shocker about the format. Hope the jaunt to the UK goes absolutely splendidly.

i posted this on the neglected myspace.


it's John Hughes' rendition of anathallo leaving for the airport. lovely.


Bradley said...


The Format is pretty much right under Anathallo if I had a fav band list. Good thing I don't.

And Aloha was prolly right under them. AH!! You had better be coming to LA on the doubleAA tour. So freakin delicious.

You guys may me so excited about living.

Oh, and get those answers very soon!

Much loves.

Adam said...

Well, Obama took my home state of CT...with the help of my vote :)

I also saw him speak in hartford monday which was a crazy, intense, too-good-for-words experience.

Just hoping he can make it the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...


have fun fun fun fun fun not in the USA.

ps- i ALSO voted electronically. it was fantastic!
vote for change, friends.

julia gulia said...

we have a caucus in colorado and i'm now apparently a delegate! crazy times.

bands ending always breaks my heart. last time i saw the format it was piebald's last show. i hope it's not a contagious thing.


... my word verification was fabuu. weird.

Matt said...

Aloha/Anathallo tour! That is so rad!