Hey all! Everyone else is sleeping right now (are we six hours ahead
of you? seven?) but I took an unfortunate nap earlier this afternoon.
The hostel we're set up at in Galway is great (free wifi, what's up?!)
and I thought maybe you'd like to see how we spent our day:


Hopefully mobile blogger technology will allow you to click the link
instead of resorting to cut and paste. The weather is pretty similar
to what we saw today... wish you could have been here.

Highlight of the flight:
watching Everybody Loves Raymond under two blankets while eating

Lowlight of the flight:
being completely convinced we were going to die when we hit a rude
jetstream and contemplating non-existence in a (generously) half awake

Winner goes to:
Ray!!! Oh Ray. And my croissant. Oh croissant.

I should probably get some sleep now, though.

Love to all!


julia gulia said...

aww yay! i tried talking a friend that lives near dublin to go to your show. so if you see a redhead named Mel say what up for me ;)

have fun in the uk! i am still so jealous of them for getting to see 2 awesome bands together.

Heidi said...

nice zoom action brett :) Wow, looks like some classic Ireland beauty. I'm glad you all survived the tempestuous jet stream. Enjoy your adventures! Look forward to seeing you in Chicago!...whence I shall become a Chicagoan.

Kristin B said...

Moher sure does its cliffs right, that's for sure. Thanks so much for still sharing what's up with us! :)

Anonymous said...

was that a reference to Shopgirl.."Oh Ray!" it should have been.

Anonymous said...