This blogger doesn't have TOO much to say. A few sentences, though:

"Good morning from Austin!"

"Mobile updates. We'll both bear through them."

"Sorry for the sporadic updates. Between a disheartening resolve to
last fall's 'personal matters' (for you attentive readers) and this
week's travels with the ever brilliant Colour Revolt, the always
charming Sybris, and the utter chaos that is By the End of Tonight...
well, it's been a week."

"It's definitely been a week."

"I hope you're all well! And if you're around for SXSW the next few
days, let's be friends."

That's it for now.



Kristin B said...

Happy morning, Anathallo.

Take care, all o' ya'll. Peace to you, Bret.

julia gulia said...

i so want to go to sxsw. and the fact that it's moderately close makes my resolve to be a good grownup incredibly hard.

hope you guys are having fun.
see you in a week!

ps. i think kevin devine is there? have you guys met him? he's a cool guy, go hang out with him.