We also saw Elijah Wood yesterday. If I was a creep, it'd be his
picture posted instead.


sean o'kane said...

so instead you post a weiner?

...freud much? :-p

i want a madden matchup soon!
and i have a photo pass for your NYC show!

BW said...



(madden next week? when we get back home?)

sean o'kane said...

probably not, i wasn't planning on bringing my wii home (this is my spring break next week), and besides i always have trouble hooking it up to the internet there.

i think i'll probably bring it anyways so i'll comment at some point and let you know if it's up and running

julia gulia said...



Kristin B said...

haha, nice, sean!

tania said...

random question: y'all played a day show on wednesday at mohawk lounge..but before you all played, they were playing a twisted nerve song mashed up with like thriller...does anyone know who that's by?! It's killing me, I can't find it anywhere..

greaat show by the way, love the new songs :)