Hey all! We're back in the van - currently traversing the barren
Wyoming plains - and are on our way to meeting the fine gentlemen of
Aloha tonight. Salt Lake City, here we come.

That also means we spent 14 Easter hours in the van yesterday. Ha! A
slightly bizarre celebration, for sure, but I'd put up my
microwaveable bean burrito and Tiger Woods Gatorade alongside any of
your Easter hams.

An addendum to this weekend's "Canopy Glow" announcement... I thought
I'd throw out the record's tracklisting for your reading enjoyment.
And not at all as a precursor for when the thing leaks and you're left
wondering what to call each song.

Just joking. It will NEVER leak! And I'm sure the 30 copies we passed
out at SXSW will never see the light of day. Keep your fingers crossed
for our rent paying abilities. Ha ha and ha.

Without further ado:

1. Noni's Field
2. Italo
3. Northern Lights
4. The River
5. Cafetorium
6. Sleeping Torpor
7. All the First Pages
8. John J. Audubon
9. Bells
10. Tower of Babel

Well, how about that? Ten tracks and not a "hanasakajiiji" among them.
Have a good week everyone! And maybe we'll be seeing you from the
Great Salt Lake to New York City.

Take care.


Casey said...

why do you hate the southeast so much? so hurtful...

(come to birmingham.)

miss m said...

i wish you lovelies were coming somewhere near me. perhaps in the summer?

i will make you cookies!

Jerod said...

Are you selling the new album at your upcoming shows?

Daniel said...

so what are we looking at in terms of release dates?

(love what i've heard so far in terms of live material and noni's field, by the way.)

AdamBomb said...

Matt Joynt needs to make THIS happen at the next Anathallo show I'm at.


(The video doesn't really start til 20 seconds in.)

Heather said...

I'm so ready!!

(date date can we have a date???)

Brian said...

I wish I wasn't leaving for tour a mere week before you play in Harrisonburg. I haven't seen you kids in like a year and a half. Oh well, I guess.

In any matter, I'm excited for this record to find its way to my ears. I'm here pulling for ya!


Anonymous said...

so what are we looking at in terms of release dates?

exactly and are yall on a lable?

Anonymous said...

come to adelaide AUSTRALIA - im dreaming arnt i??? haha

love ur art guys

Joshua Buckley (Peabody) said...

This is just for you Bret. Since there was no Obama in this post from you I thought I would give you some sweet Barack action. What if you could combine Obama and Twisted Sister? I would say it would be the new PB&J.


You need to go and watch the awesomness

Anonymous said...

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