Aka "Canopy Glow Part 3."

There's a natural question to all of our announcements from this past
week. In fact, you've probably asked it yourself;

"So... umm... you guys do have a release date, right?"

And the answer! Well, the answer is an unfortunate "no" at this point.
We're still - STILL! - looking for a new label home. A place to plant
our ten songs. I understand it's a long process... let alone a new
process for seven musicians accustomed to self-releases. We just -
okay, here's the thought - if we do go through with this process, if
we're dilligent with finding the right record company... we really
believe that our tours could be significantly better in the upcoming
year. It's worth trying for, I believe. And not just better tours for
us (wait for it! here comes the sell!) but also more enjoyable shows
for you. Bands that are - perhaps - cut from a slightly similar cloth.
I can't tell you how incredible... how just startling it is to play
with a band like Aloha. The musicianship, of course. But also the
feeling that what you started out with your set is being carried
forward to a higher degree by the following band. We've felt that way
playing with our friends before... but to have it occur with semi-
strangers is new. If we're coming to a city near you in the next two
weeks, I really do think there's the opportunity for some pretty
special nights.

So yes. If it helps to hear, I have been crafting intelligent and
engaging (oh yes) e-mails all morning trying to see what label doors
we can crack open. Matt is writing our friends in high places, our
lawyer (is that a double "oh yes?") is calling around the clock. We'll
work this thing out.

What I tell myself in the van (currently in Kansas): this whole
process is like looking for a parking spot in a too-crowded city. It
might not be fun. It might be discouraging at times. But all it takes
is one spot. It only takes one. And who knows if what we're looking
for is right around the corner??

Coincidentally, that's also what I tell myself when I'm parking the
van in a too-crowded city.


Love to all!


Marsha said...

you guys be careful out there....right around the corner sounds really right!

Heather said...

Be careful, and good luck!!

Daniel said...

a label would be a great thing, but i definitely agree that finding the right one is extremely important.

it would be kind of nice, though, to not have to make a halls commercial every time you wanted to do an album...

waiting patiently.

Caleb said...

joshua harris? really?

Peace. - Caleb

Anonymous said...

What about Asian Man Records?
Or Burnt Toast Vinyl?
Or The Militia Group?

I don't know if any or all of these are corrupt or not, but I like some of the bands from them.

Your pal, O.K.

Anonymous said...

sounds like some good things could be happening, once you get a label convince them to send you to australia! lol

im introducing ppl to ur music on a daily basis!


drewz5 said...

procrastinate! music traitors.

brand new's new deal

Daniel said...

and by halls, i meant vicks. not sure what i was thinking there...

Grzesik said...

I was hoping you guys would be able to keep running without a label (that Vick's commercial made me want to make a record of the licensing of a song) but I guess the sad reality of life eventually rears its ugly head. Good luck in your search.

AdamBomb said...

Best of luck with the label stuff. I've heard love stories and I've heard horror stories, so I'll keep you guys in my prayers about it.

For what it's worth, I've heard great things about Anti- in respect to how they treat their artists, if that's a door that's even ajar.

julia gulia said...

what a weird title to a post...

i know that i happen to be one of the annoying ones that keep pestering you to get the record out. but you know i can't help myself. ;)