Anathallo Presents: A live 'Encyclopedia Asthmatica' Collaboration

ATTN Chicago and surrounding areas: Anathallo is presenting a very special performance on Thursday April 24th.

Perhaps you are familiar with Asthmatic Kitty's new DVD-compilation, 'Encyclopedia Asthmatic,' and if so, you may be aware of a group called think/dance or its movement-based performances in response to the music of John Ringhofer (aka Half-Handed Cloud). Why were those women wearing shoes made of bread? You wonder, don't you? Why the brightly pill-colored sweat-suits? Why the log-pyramid, intense juice boxes slurping, and playful interpretation and re-possession of "Blame it on the Rain"-era dance movement? The matter clearly deserves further investigation. To further this end - Think/Dance and Half-Handed Cloud will perform together for the first time ever. To make the consistency of this already-syrupy sweetness even thicker, joining the two will be Olympia Washington's general merrymakers, Lake! Here's the info, hope you can make it!

Thursday April 24th @ 8 PM - 7 dollars
Lincoln Square Theatre, Berry UMC - 4754 N. Leavitt St., Chicago IL 60640
For more information - 989.330.3215


Jess Cana said...
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Jess Cana said...

i just bought that and still haven't received it from the mail...but i'm really excited!

lindsay said...

yeah! we saw half-handed cloud once in lawrence... it was as enjoyable as it was interesting! that is exciting!

lindsay j.

Kristin B said...

i saw this on think/dance's myspace a while ago, but had forgotten about it - thanks for the reminder! =)

your sis and co. are super!

Anonymous said...

Anathallo should come back to the varsity theater here in minnesota, that would be great!