From the comments:

"I know I know, you're in a successful band and have families and friends and meals to eat but wayyy in the beginning of this blog, you said it was like your puppy and you'll feed it whatever. Now you are not even feeding it!

You're killing a puppy... And I pinky promise you don't want that on conscience."

No, no we don't.

This showed up in my inbox today. Interesting.

I've been thinking about it - this being our blog's one year anniversary (YES, THAT'S RIGHT) - and we've shared a lot, haven't we? This thing wouldn't be alive without You-Me-Go's steady caretakers... and for our second year, I hope to reign in my uneven tendencies. The pronounced comebacks, the puzzling disappearances. Matt and Dan do it right and this is me rejoining the team.

Okay, I give myself three weeks.

BUT! There will be some news coming soon (I'm sure you can guess), tours to announce, and we'll see if we can't come up with an awful photo shop contest or two.

Hey you all.


Heather said...

A date makes me exceedingly happy. :)

And it's two days after my birthday... it's the best gift I could ask for! :) Thanks guys and Erica! :D Can't wait. :)

dereK said...

I'm excited!!

Sebastian said...

This is what I like to hear!

Anonymous said...

So that date is real then?