The television at my apartment only gets three channels. Which! Well, that's not such a bad thing. Most everything I would want to catch up with is either on HULU (do you hulu?) or is called LOST. If you can't guess, there's not really a reason for me and my roommates to plant ourselves on the couch at night.

Except lately.... well, there's been this guy:

I LOVE Michael Phelps. I love hearing Bob Costas talk about him. I turn up the volume for the Morgan Freeman commercials. I want to give his Mom a hug after each race. I want to hug Cris Collinsworth after HE gets to hug Michael Phelps' Mom after each race. His gold medals even made me forget about the US Men's Gymnastics team...

...but look, just because you're the underdog doesn't mean you get to:

(1) start every sentence with "yeah!"
(2) end every sentence with "baby!"
(3) look up from your huddled speeches every ten seconds to see if the camera is still rolling (see 1 and 2)
(4) I could go on but I'm re-reading this and it makes me sound cranky and I'd like to think it's because I've been sick all week and heavily medicated at the moment but right!... if you watched it, you know what I'm talking about. And kudos to you anyways, bronze medal winners! Even you, RAJ.

If you haven't been watching, you have no idea what I'm typing about right now. My apologies.

Back to our guy:

I just - there's nothing much to add. He's the greatest Olympian of our lifetime (anyone's lifetime?). He still has the chance to win eight gold medals this year. And it's happening right now! Even his eating habits are legend. Since our boy Phelps swims 50 miles every week, doctors have put him on a 10,000 calorie diet.

In video form:

In pictures:

Three of these.

A five egg omelet.

One bowl of grits.

Three slices.

Three Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

A pound of this.

Two more of these.

1,000 calories of this.

A whole pizza.

Another pound of pasta.

Another 1,000 calories of these.


Every day!!!!!!!!!

To recap:
Michael Phelps is great.
He eats a lot of food.
It's hard to just jump back and write without it feeling slightly off.
Please bear with.

Canopy Glow news coming soon!...
...and it's good news.


stretts said...

*eagerly* awaiting Canopy Glow now.
I ordered Floating World and a tshirt from you guys yesterday! Friggin excited, damn living on the otherside of the world though its gonna take a while.

Congrats to Phelps, 14 gold if he does well, thats intense!

Anonymous said...

i love that pretty much every blog i've read has something about phelps. fine by me, i am equally amazed by him. looking at all that food, though, makes me a bit queezy.

woohoo for the new record!

Anonymous said...

Damn....after I get through swimming I'm going to have all that stuff to eat...only I'm trading the red bull for Miller Highlife :)

sean o'kane said...

you just made me so hungry...
hulu is amazing, i watched all of arrested development and its always sunny in philadelphia on there.
hurry up with this album and then tour again!
you and Manchester should combine to release 2 albums on the world at the same time

Bethany said...

Wallin! I saw that segment with Bob Costas did with Michael Phelps' Mom. Too cute! Go Michael, Go!

Anonymous said...

November 18th!!!

Sebastian said...

I was reading an article on Yahoo that said he actually puts down 12,000 calories, not 10. Pretty crazy! The guy is a beast.

Also, Lost is the best show in the entire world.

drewz5 said...

haha i just read the "something else 'fun' to post soon too" tag. nice!

definitely a cool track!

Libre St. Yago said...

One day we will know the kind of stuff that makes michael swim like that. and believe me, it's not natural born talent.
greetings from Argentina