I ran around a track for about 45 minutes yesterday. I do this pretty regularly. The only thing that makes it somewhat tolerable is that I concentrate as hard as I can on the music or podcast I'm listening to. Or I watch the guy with the nunchucks do his thing in the park where I run, but even when he's there I can only see him half the time because of the logistics of running in circles. So I need some pretty engaging stuff to listen to, and I've already listened to Why's recent record pretty much every time for the last three months. Yesterday, I chose Canopy Glow, our new record. It's engaging for me because not only do I like the music, but I'm also constantly frightened of hearing something new that I don't like. Plus, it brings back great memories of recording. I happened to be looking at the pictures on my phone today, where I ran into a few pics of those good ol' days at the studio:

I also found this picture interspersed with the others. I thought a bird shat on my head while I was riding my bike on the way to the studio, and, naturally, I didn't want to touch it to find out.

As you can see, I managed to dodge the bird stool and think of an ingenious solution to my problem.


Aaron said...

you should come to Asbury College in Wilmore KY either before the tour starts in Nov. or at the end of it before you take off for Europe. Awilks27 says so! I am super stoked about the new cd

Conrad said...

Pure genius using the camera phone to see if you had been hit.

AdamBomb said...

Your hair looks a bit like my grandmother's in that picture.