Puppet of the Master

You'd think with the millions of dollars this guy saved forcing people to buy his records he would spring for a better backdrop than the stairs down to his basement (the bit torrents are probably sucking him dry...so if that's the case...maybe they're his parents stairs). Oh well...at least the laugh we get from his mocumentary like subject matter and delivery is free.

In other, less cynical, news...I'm onto the third season of The Wire. I'm taking a short break between episodes two and three to post on here and request something. I was talking with my pal Jamie and he was telling me that some of the storyline in The Wire finds its inspiration in real life events. After hearing this I've decided to do a little online investigation and find out where truth and fiction meet. My request is for help tracking any of these article down. If anyone is sitting on some juicy real-life-turned-hit-HBO-series accounts let me know.



Barry said...

I totally thought that was Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the youtube clip before I hit play.

And I was somewhat disappointed to find that it wasn't.

brackattack said...

That video is so strange.

Anonymous said...

Muppet of the Pastor

Quillen said...

God, Lars is such a douchebag.

julia gulia said...

omg barry don't even joke about that. giles is awesome and lars is not.