I don't eat a whole lot of meat. Now this doesn't mean I'm a vegetarian, it just means that I don't eat a whole lot of meat. Mainly I cut down on the flesh intake for health reasons (I've pounded my stomach with so much red meat over the past 25 years I thought I could give it a break). Now, just because I don't eat meat very often doesn't mean I have lost my love for the taste of steak. I envy the people who don't like meat...it's probably a healthier way to live. But I love steak!

Anyway, all this back story and I haven't gotten to my point yet.

Yesterday I broke down and chomped down on a juicy London Broil from a new favorite place...Gibson's. When you sit down at this place they show you some of their cuts (uncooked) and give you a rundown...once I saw the London Broil I fell in love (it's the one right next to the lobster tail...and yes, we did get a lobster tail too).

They told me this particular steak was the leanest cut they had and was perfect for patrons who enjoy steak prepared rare or medium/rare. Good gracious were they right! I was glad I had gone so long without so my body's senses could be overwhelmed by this familiar but absent experience. I left satisfied and filled with enough steak to last me for at least a little while longer.

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julia gulia said...

I'm surprised that you liked the taste.. but then again I haven't eaten red meat in 10 years. I tried some recently and i had to spit it out it tasted too much like blood.