Sea of Love

I recently went to the Georgia Aquarium with my brother Justin. We found a small viewing window that sat at the bottom of an aquarium roughly the size of a football field and planted ourselves there for at least an hour watching the underwater world with our mouths open. Six Whale Sharks (the largest fish on earth... can get up to 40ft in length...no big deal) circled the top of the tank feeding on krill, a 13 ft. Manna Ray dove into schools of fish sucking them into it's mouth, small neon fish rested in the rocks below us, and we sat behind the child smudged glass making simultaneous awes. When I was a kid I loved animal facts and it was nice to see that not a lot has changed.

This was also the first time I had ever seen a Beluga Whale. It liked to catch it's own air bubbles.

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Anonymous said...

I for real thought that this was a quote from a book.

I love factual description.
Nice work Erica.