We've got a quick break from practice this morning (our first in months!) - Matt's working on the theme for Miss Illinois, Jer's watching Georgia/LSU highlights, Seth and Erica are eating sharp cheddar, Danny's still in a daze from his overnight Pittsburgh-Chicago train adventure, Jamie's at an interview, and me? Well, it turns out I'm blogging.

We have a cd! (you know this)
We're making our way down south next week! (you probably know this)
And then Europe and Japan to round out the next month and a half. (ditto)

But! If your home happens to not be the aforementioned "Southern Half of the United States," vaguely put "Continent of Europe" or excitedly typed "Land of the Rising Sun," boy do we have a deal for you.

Pre-order? IT STARTS NOW.

Thirteen bucks in the US, seventeen bucks for our international friends. Shipping included. We'll be sending out orders on November 10th, so!...

If that sounds great, click here.
If you plan on catching us before November 10th (that's you Chicago, Calvin College, and most places that serve sweet tea), we'll have Canopy Glow with us!
And if you live in 日本, the cd comes out November 5th and can be ordered here.

I think that's it! Hope your Monday has been as fun... over here, it's been good to be back.


filipe said...

Just ordered it! Thank you friends!

julia gulia said...

yay new cd! i will totally preorder when i have money..


i heard you're doing a halloween show with colour revolt this year?


jimmy tried to talk me into being crazy. luckily (sadly?) my bff is flying in from st. louis to party with me and i will have to miss it.

Alex said...

hopefully it wont take too long to make its way accross the globe...and man is our dollar failing against the US so that order of a shirt and cd was mega expensive.

but worth it? definately.

Good luck on the upcoming tour.


thevictorio said...

The Devil Wears Prada says Texas is South, but apparently Anathallo has a differing opinion.

Oh well, at least I can finally preorder the cd. And I've seen you plenty of times. To want to see you more would be selfish, right? I'm glad that our friends around the world will get the chance to see the greatness that is Anathallo. And I'm also glad that Anathallo will get to see them (and the world). Best of luck.

Heather said...

Are yall doing any fun preorder goodies this time around? I will be seeing you in Memphis and would rather get the CD sooner than later, but if you'll have something fun to go along with the preorder I'll wait.

If it's a surprise and you don't want to tell, maybe email me? heatheremurrayATgmailDOTcom :)

Anonymous said...

YAY....I hope ya'll do another national anthem type video while your on the road....Have fun...be safe!

Tyrone said...

Will you have cds for sale at your London concert? I haven't been able to find any here, and can't really afford to buy one off the internet atm (with shipping, etc), but will happily buy one of each album at the gig!
Can't wait to see you guys, my new favourite band :)