After party London

Well if there's one thing that's true it's that Anathallo really knows how to get down and party. Here's a little clip from our wild and crazy after party in London.

Here's a few places to get Canopy Glow while we are away from the warehouse:
And of course you can find it on all the the usual digital distributors.

Also here's a few places to find it if you are in Japan (with a few bonus tracks too):

Besides the very friendly review from Paste last week, there was a little article online of "Anathallo's top 5 most serendipitous Canopy Glow moments" which you can find here.

Today in beautiful Luzern and tomorrow we have a long drive (55km) to play with Wolf Parade in Zurich (!?!?).


Ryan Hammer said...

Matt's grin at the end of the video says it all! Way to party, dear ones!

Anonymous said...

Was there no John Smith's Bitter to make the music bearable?

And yes... Matt your look is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the bonus songs available in the US?

julia gulia said...

haha. i love luzern. that lake is so gorgeous. and i totally don't remember any nightlife scene at all so you finding that is pretty awesome ;)