Landed in Germany

Tour gets started off on the right foot. Our host Felix took us to this Lebanese place in Köln amidst the madness of carnival. I think this tour is going to be great.


Mr. Eding said...

oh my. I just had something to eat and that still looks good enough to eat all of it. Enjoy the tour, guys.

Kristin B said...

ihr seid da fuer Karnivel! Wow! ich beneide euch!

PS - das Essen sieht total lecker aus!

Anonymous said...

Today on Sesame Street I learned that jealous is a feeling you get when someone has something that you want.

Oh, and that the number of the day is 16.

Congrats kids. Um, viel gluck.
That's the only thing I remember from German class.

~Original Kevin

Suzanne said...

See you in Paris!

Tyrone said...

Seeing you guys TWICE next week in London, AND I'm bringing friends (soon-to-be-Anathallo-converts :D) to both - can't wait!!!