Venus Zine, Berlin, and Admiralspalast

I've been trying all day to get the pronunciation of Admiralspalast down... it's not easy for an imperialistically English speaking American such as myself. The stats:

1 - First show of the tour
2 - Only band on the bill
3 - Playing a German cultural institution that housed the Stage Theory mastery of Brecht
4 - Scared out of our minds

Considering the elements, the show was fantastic, and we were shocked that so many people came out. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Also - I wanted to drop a little shout out to Venus Zine for coming to the Schubas show in Chicago and leaving such a kind review. Read it here if you'd like.

Off to Prague tomorrow to play with Why? at a venue called 007. Hoot hoot!


Kristin B said...

Admiralspalast! I saw Dreigroschenoper there a couple years ago! There's some serious history in that building.

Be sure to eat some Nalesniki in Prague. It's delish.

Matt Brauer said...

Europe sounds fantastic. I can't say how happy I was to find the "Canopy Glow" pre-order in my mailbox this morning. I didn't expect it for a while now. It sounds wonderful. Enjoy Germany.

jonas said...

That was a brilliant live show yesterday!! Thank you guys so much! By the way, it should be us Germans/Berliners who should be embarrassed because there were so few of us... But everyone in the audience enjoyed it very, very much. And your new record is awesome. Please come back to Berlin some day!!!!