Christmas 2009

Here's a song Erica and I worked on together a couple years back, thought a few out there might want to hear it. Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas.


Anonymous said...

merry christmas Anathallo, great to hear from you, hope you are having a wonderful time :)


Matthew said...

lovely, more things of this nature is always soooo appreciated. Oh man.

Emily said...

Dear You Guys,

Does old-school fan mail ever happen to you? I have a letter I would like to send you. I promise I am not a creep. Do you have a mailing address?

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Did you guys break up?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anathallo,

we met at your concerts at Hannover and Bremen. I wish all of you a happy new year 2010! Greets to Erica.
I hope you play in Germany this year.



Anonymous said...

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yournewfriend said...

Thank you.

Marc V. From Pgh. PA said...

Was just going back and exploring my love of Anathallo's music - and randomly find out you might be living in Pgh??! :) Well, it's Jan. 2017, and who knows if you still are --- or you even check this blog anymore??! LOL
Just leaving this to say --- i don't think you re-upped your site name/it's a dead link to music and so I(we) can't listen to this duo project of yours & Erica's that I'd really love to hear! The sound of Erica's voice is divine & Canopy Glow is an f'ing masterpiece!
Please hit me up on FB: Marc V. Rock-Steady if you get this - and let me know how to get a copy of this "Christmas 2009" (or any other tracks from you and Erica), or whether you play out around town every once in awhile.. (sorry I missed your Matress Factory performances)

Marc V.