I can't really explain except we watched an entire episode today at the studio and we are not on drugs and in one hour we will be done tracking. Onward, mixing. Starting Friday.

This is a blog of unbalance and my last posts have been (solely) video-centric. You have my apologies, one hundred-fold, and thanks again (today's YO GABBA episode was on learning your please and thank you's) for stopping by. It's really nice that you do.

This is also a blog of unbalanced opinion shift. I am taking down adsense. I promise to never type another sentence about it again. And no, this has nothing to do with the comments section and my new friend "anonymous." I am just tired of thinking about it, never want to post another ironic picture involving "counting" and "money," and am ready to be done with the whole thing. The end.

I firmly believe, though, that this is also a blog of promise! And I promise that Dan's next post will make up for this past week's (however slight) debacle.



rob.g said...

did you see elijah wood's dancy dance?
do the puppet master!

BW said...

I did! And loved it.

The show's wikipedia entry hinted at a Shins appearance in the near future.

Shannon said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is the children's show of a favorite band of mine, The Aquabats. They make an occassional appearance on the show. You should really check them out.

Derek said...

I finally know what my food does after i chew it. It goes to a party in my tummy!

Seriously this made my day somehow...strange.

josh said...

Hey Bret,

Did you get my email about the mellophonium? My email is rooddog at poetworld.net.

julia gulia said...

now i must go search for some weird elijah wood dancy dance??

oh the insanity.

AdamBomb said...

Wow.... I just YouTubed a bunch of Yo Gabba Gabba clips, and it's awesome.

Watch the following two clips in order:



When the remix got to Oskar's part at the end of the second clip, I could not contain myself from erupting into riotous laughter. And I'm at my house alone right now. That's how awesome it was.