This is going to be quick because I need to jump on my bike soon and pedal my little heart out. We're recording the bell song today. It has changed a bit from a couple months ago.

But. That is not why I post this morning.

You-Me-Goers... can I tell you how I feel?

You are all absolutely wonderful. It's true!

You put up with football pictures.

(last one, I swear it)

You don't hold me to the empty promises I make when I told you OUR FIRST CONTEST WINNER! would be revealed soon or that You-Me-Go's latest endeavour HE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE: A CONVERSATION WITH JESSE LACEY would be posted last week.

(they're both on their way, you better believe it)

I even posted a video about Britney Spears and that didn't seem to drive anyone away.

(don't go!!! PLEASE!)

(but just saying - it would appear that COMEBACK 07 ought to be put on indefinite hold)

So for all the special people in my e-life... I wanted to give something back. The comment section has held the nicest messages lately and I thought you all deserved the best. So here goes.

A secret... we've been in the studio before. Crazy, I know. But when we were little teenage pre-thallians... Matt, Jamie and I were in a band called The Kind of Guys. TKOG, if you will. Punk with Horns from Mount Pleasant, Michigan. You should probably take a listen.

(I apologize - I only had the forty second clip on my computer!)

And equally as fantastic... Matt, Danny, and Erica were in a band called Promise of Restoration. That would be Erica's sister doing the screaming.



julia gulia said...

you have an obsession with posting weird fan collages of jesse.

i watched britney last night and thought of you bret. disturbing yes?

you're changing my song!!??! okay it's not mine but i really do love it. i bet you guys are just going to make me love it more.

and yes i have no life. it's what happens when you work on a computer all day.

Anonymous said...

I think the Beebody is in my parents Garage. Where is the bull?

Joshua Buckley (peabody)

Isaac said...

yeah no problem.
and the "ba la na da" compilation is not as easy as i first thought it would be and am realizing that i am perhaps in over my head? but thanks for your thoughts.


ps. i feel that forever indebted after seeing that phil collins gorilla video. thank you.

holly said...

aw bret, thanks for the presents. it's like christmas morning.

Ty said...

yeah, i was at the last promise of restoration show.
i'm cool. see you tomorrow.
hearts, ty